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Our Platform is only to spread Islamic information and let people read Quran Pak and give us prays.

Learn Quran Online For Kids under the supervision of Qualified Arabic Quran Tutors. 

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Get to know more about Islam

Islam means to achieve peace – peace with God, peace within oneself, and peace with the creations of God – through wholly submitting oneself to God and accepting His guidance.

The term Islam derives from the three-letter Arabic root, S (س)- L (ل)- M (م), which generates words with interrelated meanings, including “surrender”, “submission”, “commitment” and “peace”. Commonly, Islam refers to the monotheistic religion revealed to Muhammad ibn (son of) Abdullah between 610 and 632 of the Common Era.

The name Islam was instituted by the Qur’an, the sacred scripture revealed to Muhammad. For believers, Islam is not a new religion. Rather, it represents the last reiteration of the primordial message of God’s Oneness, a theme found in earlier monotheistic religious traditions.

Our Mission Statement

As an online institute , we are continually looking for ways to improve our programs and services. was founded in 2012 with the aim of educating the holy Quran from Arabic alphabets to reading Quran with Tajweed .Our key aim in mind is to prepare children who are unable to read Quran with Tajweed and for grown ups also who can read but not aware of Tajweed rules .

Our mission is to give online Qur’an teaching education  in all around the world through skype or zoom.

Features Which We Provide

Essentials For Muslim

Take the proper knowledge about 5 pillars of Islam

The religion of Islam stands on five pillars. It is recorded that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon) said:

“Islam has been built on five [pillars]: testifying that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, establishing the salah (prayer), paying the zakat (obligatory charity), making the hajj (pilgrimage) to the House, and fasting in Ramadan.”

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)











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Things We Are Doing

Our Mission

To help Muslims regardless geographical location to grow their knowledge about Quran by providing best distance learning Quran tutoring services at lowest cost possible. To help those people, who are needy, and can delivers the teaching of Islam, and have a secure and blessed employment.

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Quran Learning

Quran with Tajweed
Perfect Quran recitation
Quran memorization
Quran translation

Basic Course

Learning Arabic alphabet
Recognizing Arabic letters
Correct pronunciation
Whiteboard sessions

Basic Islamic Education

Short Surahs memorization
Learning how to pray Salah
Memorization of daily duas
Learning Islamic principles

Quran Memorization and Tafseer

This course is best for those who already have a reasonable grasp of reading the Arabic language.

Quran Translation

Learn word by word translation of the Holy Quran Understand the meanings of the Quran Explanation of the Holy Book Diploma course

Tajweed Course

Apply the correct rules of pronunciation Understand the appropriate rhythmic tones for recitation Perfect your recitation of the Glorious Quran

Remember ALLAH Almighty

Weekly Programs For Tafseer Quran

Below are the necessary skills that you need to master to learn the art of Quran recitation. Here are some tips.

  • Learn the perfect pronunciation.
  • Improve intonation.
  • Quality of the Recitation matters
  • Verbalization of Vowels, characteristic, and rules
  • The right time to breathe, pause and stop.
  • Practice after world’s best Quran reciters
  • No rise and fall without understanding.
  • Educate others to enhance your skill.

Meet Our Expert

Learn From Our Scholars

Qualified Female Tutors USA and Around the Globe. 

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Your donation allows us to connect people and create partnerships around the world. We run conservation projects with our partners, seeking the most constructive solutions.

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